No Brainer Forex Trading System Und Vorlage

True HODLERS should ignore the price movement.

Well, it is impossible to ignore the price movement, BUT it is entirely possible not to freak out about it.
There is one major reason to relax: our current governmental, financial and monetary systems will be put to test when the sovereign debt crisis hits the fan. Guys, in terms of total global debt we are past what we were in 2007... except this time the debt is coming mainly from the government. In the past the government rescued the economy from major financial meltdowns. Each one was characterized by excessive amounts of debt, just like today. There is no one "out there" to save the government. What happens when a government is at risk of defaulting? Well... shit hits the fan in a major way.

Unfortunately, the US is well on its way to be put in a situation where the leadership will have to decide between majohyper inflation, massive cuts of benefits, massive tax hikes for the rich/corporations, a combination of these OR default. The severity of those changes will inevitably cause a major economic slowdown, that could very well lead us into a self-destructing death spiral. This is not a conspiracy theory, the numbers are out there, same as they were in 2007.

There will be an urgent need to redefine our concept of money in order to provide a new stable economic atmosphere. The big question is, why would anyone that has had to endure hyper inflation ever want adopt a newly created promissory bill from the same guys that just f-ed it up? Pun intended. The adoption rate for people under 30 should be tremendous. That would mean that in another 10 years, the adoption under 40 should be even higher. In that way, with time, one system substitutes another... It is similar to the way electronic FIAT transactions has substituted cash (for most part). FIAT and banks will continue to exist, but without a doubt one day they will become "money from the old world". In 10-20 years the digital economy will be much bigger than the one we have today. Think about the insane exponential growth within tech stocks... the new giants of tomorrow will most likely go public using blockchain technology. The future economy will be largely based on tokenized securities and digital assets. It would be very hard to stay cool without sharing this vision of the future.

Crypto has already proven that it is a MUCH more powerful platform for startups seeking to raise funds. This crash is actually in part of how effective a certain crypto worked as a financial platform... billions of dollars raised by so many crappy projects and teams. Think about this for a minute... the Crypto system is a global stock and forex exchange that is open 24/7 and happens to be available to anyone in the world via the internet. That is combined with having excellent properties as a store of value and medium of exchange.

Boys... its a no brainer: if you are minimally diversified, sit back and relax.

Some videos related to this topic:

USA debt to GDP ratio history:

This crypto crash was not the first. We are in for another one or two massive bubble cycles:

Good discussion about price and the generational issue:

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A framework for Investment/Trading as a mid-20-yo

Hi Everyone,
Brand new to reddit here (not sure how I escaped this deep deep black hole of internet for so long). I hope this is the right place.
First, I am here to distil what I have learned over the years of being a fool of the market. I’ll then try to piece together the checks and balances I have decided necessary to maintain long term success in investment management and trading. I will break it into two distinct product lines: Cash Equities and CFDs (index/forex) via FXCM/IG etc, as well as a General Risk Management section.
I have read extensively, like the usual Jack DSchwagger series, Stock Operator etc. If you haven’t read these I suggest you start there first.
General Risk Management and Setup:
Positioning/Size I cannot tell you how often I have been burned with poor position management across either cash equities or CFDs. I distinctly recall putting on a massive “no brainer” trade against the EUUSD in 2014 December. Entry 1.224. I got stopped out and lost 50% of my trading capital in 4 hours due to a margin call. I wasn’t even trying to scalp, I just wanted to get very, very rich. (I would’ve too if it weren’t for those meddling kids). The other side of this is that I express my cash equities portfolios in the form of “high conviction” trades/investments. Take A2M.AX. Average Entry of 6.XX through averaging up. It currently sits at more than 70% of my portfolio, even though I have a 12month timeframe. I have a higher conviction on Cash Equities with a far longer time frame than I do CFDs. Hence I position heavier.
There is a 2% rule floating out there that I semi-agree with. I’d like to hear your thoughts on this, as I would describe myself as much more of a risk taker and less systematic than I would like. I understand also there are more schools of thought, mechanical, pure TA etc etc. But no matter what fire you choose to play with, I think positioning has been the reason why I have lost money over 90% of the time, even if directionally I am 75% right within my time frame.
How do you guys balance your portfolio for maximum returns? Thoughts on 3-4 stock portfolios? Thoughts on CFD margin/position sizing for TA/discretionary? ( I know it will vary by style but would love to hear).
Trading Diary When I first waded into CFDs, I knew I wanted to keep a record of all my trades, in the hopes that I can reflect on what technical/fundamental ideas I opened and closed my trades in. A trading diary and reflection on those trades is huge in order for you to stop repeating really stupid mistakes.
Until recently I never had the mindset of actually sorting through the wins and losses of my past trades. YOU MUST HAVE A SYSTEM of going through the past days/weeks worth of trades. Reflection and reinforcement is key.
I think starting a blog for yourself is not a bad idea. It may not have readership, but it carries the important function of reflection and learning. Just as I am doing this very moment..
Research/Information Funnel The Economist. Period. *infinity. Start here. (Especially relevant for macro)
When I first started in Cash Equities I made the novice error of joining forums. Granted there is some great content that someone else more experienced has found and analysed, thus cutting down your research time. Right? Wrong.
I think it actually causes a shift in your behaviour to trust and rely on their primary opinion. If they’re right even once, you will now face a bias and think of them as a beacon of truth. Read Thinking Fast, Thinking Slow. As humans we’re inherently very lazy. Don’t let it make you take shortcuts.
I put this in general risk because information and bias is a HUGE risk to how you formulate your trading or investment thesis.
Even I noticed that the majority of my information sources including twitter liked to preach the “melt up” of the spooz etc. Confirmation Bias exists, especially in Investing. These guys had been talking of a market that was too strong for at least 2 years. Even though it finally semi-happened, they were still wrong for two years! Do you believe it would be valuable to find a peer group IRL as an additional source of information/debate?
Timeframe This closely relates to position/sizing. Timeframe goes hand in hand with positioning and how we wish to express risk. A low beta Banking stock with healthy dividends might warrant a larger position size if you look at it from a 10 year view point. The spooz on a 20 year view point would warrant a very different mindset when compared to a tick chart.
I have found it more helpful when thinking about timeframe as not “predicting” when I think something would happen, but use it as a matter of determining sizing.Am I really comfortable TSLA as 50% of my portfolio for 20 years? Hmm
Health Something I feel understated and forgotten about is the fact that sitting down for 10 hours a day with your eyes following green and red isn’t healthy. A healthy body will produce far better results if your headspace is clear and your emotions are in check. I would put more than a fair share of my mistakes as being due to emotionally driven trades (lose x find 2x) or trading when my physical mind is no longer sharp. Trading and Investing is a full time endeavour. Unless you are extremely fortunate or lucky in how you express your trades and investments, it will take a lot of time and involvement to find an edge that is more than just market. *I mean, isn’t that why we are here? *
[Edit] How do you guys ensure you’re balancing work or study and investment? I find myself mostly 100% work ever since graduating uni.
This turned out far longer than I expected. I would love to hear all feedback. Put me in my place! This is especially because I am about to commit more time to this as I bring it into a truly serious endeavour.
[Edit] Removed personal info
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I made a list of resources for beginners.

Check back often as this is regularly updated.
BLOGS N/A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Technical & fundamental news on currencies. I would advise newer traders not to trade solely on external opinions because that won't cement your own methodology or reasons for trading. Excellent website for if you want an overview of the markets and daily reports. Also includes a trading journal and a lot of media attention. A good blog for new traders/ investors. Lot of ‘top 10 lists’ to flick through. This is absolutely amazing! I can't put a value on this! It's one of the best gems of the internet. Podcasts interviewing successful traders, some are notable such as 50pips, Walter Peters & Chris Kapre. Found this when doing the podcast link below, it's actually really good high quality stuff. Blog based with plenty of educational material. A weekly podcast that interviews successful traders. Thank you gumballfrank for this. Not had much of a chance to check this out, but first impression are nice! Heavily oriented towards fundamentals. Good news portal submitted by WinterTires thanks! Heavily visually oriented perfect for beginners! Lots of infographics and info. Submitted by gumballfrank
ONLINE SCHOOLS & LEARNING PORTALS N/A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A superb website dedicated to training people to become better investors traders for free. One of the best free online schools which tracks your progress and teaches you heaps on information. The forum is the gem, where many people keep trade journals and put up their strategies. Don't copy them but borrowing concepts and ideas is good. Unbelievably thorough! Education on forex trading, literally everything is covered. Very wide ranging resource that focuses mainly on technical analysis. This should be a given, but seriously – this place is the Wikipedia of trading/ investing. Actually a really good learning resource that mentions psychology and momentum among other things. Really good information on trading psychology – something that often goes unnoticed with beginners. Cool little website with videos on candle patterns and chart patterns. Appears to be a free trading academy. Not tried it personally, but it looks really good. With plenty of videos for visual learners.
ARTICLES OF INTEREST N/A ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- An article on the ’14 stages of investor emotions’ knowing who you are and what is happening to you can lead you to make more calculated decisions. Tim Ferris, author of The 4 Hour Work Week interviews Tony Robbins to find out the success behind the worlds best investors. Talking about morning routines, peak performance & mastering money! Best trading & investing blogs and articles as picked by Forex jargon glossary for beginners. Submitted by gumballfrank
FORUMS N/A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Excellent learning resource, main focus is to help avoid people getting scammed. Massive forum for beginners to talk to more experienced traders – very active community. Much like trade2win but more focused towards forex. Another forum dedicated to forex traders. You'll find people keeping good strategies here, list them via most views first to find the real gems.
MISCELLANEOUS RESOURCES N/A -------------------------------------------------------------------- Every book you could ever want on trading, investing, market psychology, strategies etc. SUPER IMPORTANT This website is paramount to your success, still in development but will provide users with an easy way to document trades. Success is determined by your willingness to follow through with the boring bits so keep this one in your bookmarks. Super useful Flashcard game that helps you to remember important candlestick patterns. Important candlestick patterns that have appeared on the major currency pairs. Good for a quick overview. Website offering visual illustration & practical applications of popular candlestick patterns. Glossary of candlestick patterns. Another resource for learning technical analysis. Not particularly thorough but useful for basic concepts. Market overviews and trading opportunity videos provided, along with educational videos and the like. Another trading education site focusing more on forex.
YOUTUBE CHANNELS N/A ------------------------------------------------------ Jarratt Davis - plenty of educational videos to help you get your bearings! *Submitted by masudhossain Shaun Overton interviews many forex traders to find out why and how they work.
------------------------------------- BELOW ARE PODCASTS FROM TRADING HEROES WEBSITE ----------------------------------------
Podcast Lessons
TTL001 – Pro Trader Interview: Haji Warithu What he attributes his success to, what amount of money you need to start and how to choose an Islamic broker among other stuff.
TTL002 – Full-Time Trader Interview: Jessica Peletier, AKA Rogue Traderette How she lets her partner know there are losses as well as wins. Where she learnt to trade, why CFDs are amazing etc.
TTL003 - Interview with Pro Trader and mentor Chris Lori. His thoughts on backtesting, why being athletic counts, his development and timeline as a trader, how his trading results exploded and what to do if you want to manage funds.
TTL004 – Interview With Pro Trader Adam Jowett The common trait he sees in successful traders, how long it took him to become profitable, the most important trade that made him successful, his favourite books and why they both like Jessica Peletier.
TTL005 Doesn't seem to exist. I'm not joking.
TTL006 – How Colin Jessup Went From Warehouse Worker To Professional Forex Trader And Soon-To-Be Fund Manager A warehouse worker went through his trials and tribulations to be given the offer of managing an $80 million fund. How he started with $800 and no clue what to do, 2 biggest mistakes he sees traders making, how he continues to improve and what has happened to his lifestyle since becoming a full-time trader.
TTL007 – The Inspiring Story Of How Psychologist Walter Peters Quit His Dream Job To Trade Forex Naked For A Living (not what you think) How Walter Peters quit his job to trade forex for a living. This guy trades naked using No indicators
TTL008 – How Lynette Allen Combines Minimalism, Line Charts And Only One Currency Pair To Trade For A Living How Timothy Sykes inspired her, what minimalism is all about and how it's spread to every facet of her life, what her single pair to trade is, what the 2 best traits for successful traders are and plenty more!
TTL009 – How Brian McAboy Leveraged His Engineering Background To Trade And Coach For A Living What plastic bottles have to do with trading, how much money you need to have to be properly funded and go full-time, how much work you have to do and how long it'll take to get there, 2 best traits to have and loads loads more!
TTL010 – How Rafael Veron Taught His Wife To Trade Better Than Fund Managers Can you actually trade from a beach? The use of hypnosis to make him a better trader, the method that works with his psychology, how much you need to get started, how long it took him to become profitable and what he would do differently if he had to start over! plus loads more!
TTL011 – Why (and how) 50 Pips Trades Forex For A Living What does trading have to do with golf? Things you could learn from his students and his opinion on black box systems and fibo retracements.
TTL012 – How A Millionaire’s Intuition Transformed Chris Capre From Yoga Instructor To Professional Forex Trader Personal Favorite I love this guy because he's true and noble. He is philanthropic, offers trading courses that are cheap and really knows what he's talking about. He explains how a 3 second glance can stop you 2nd guessing yourself, how much he made with $3000 in 6 months and plenty more!
TTL013 – Steve From No Brainer Trades And The Only Thing You Need To Remember When Trading What the biggest killer of our accounts is, the cliches that are true, where to find the hidden information amongst many other things.
TTL014 – How Casey Stubbs Went From Computer Geek To Forex Trader His opinion on EAs, why he trades the way he does and the biggest mistakes to avoid!
TTL015 – Trading For A Living Risking Only 8 To 12 Pips Per Trade: Kim Krompass How she was profitable from the start, her strongest trait, her strong opinion on backtesting and demo accounts, how she lost her fortune and info on her 2 most succesful students.
TTL016 – How Custom Programming Can Help Almost Any Trader With Shaun Overton How to know when you're in the forex dream, lots of info on automated systems and his experience with AI.
TTL017 – Bank Dealer Turned Independent Trader Walter Vannelli Shares His Experience His unique style of meditation, why banks win and how you can fight back, his daily routine and how much you needed to trade in the 80's.
TTL018 – How Reynaldo Soriano Makes A Living Trading 1 Hour A Day Why he holds trading contests, why forex is the best market to learn in, how institutions work and why he stopped day trading.
How A South Central Public School Teacher Became A Successful Forex Trader With Greg McLeod How he's turned some traders around in 30 minutes, why you never trade on a monday, the courses he bought, why he teaches outside the classroom and why he sent his kids to learn chinese.
Edit - I've spent about 2 hours making this now. I hope you guys find it useful! I'll continue to update it and may you all find trading success. If you want to help me out spread the link! put it on forums or share it with friends. Good luck to you all and happy trading!
Edit 2 - My brain is fryed... time for a rest.
Edit 3 Once I've categorized this post making it easier to navigate i'll be adding books to read, videos to watch & the traders that will help on your journey to self-sufficiency. Happy trading everybody!
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If the LUXOR trading system (slow/fast MA crossing rule) is so profitable on FOREX (in a very general sense), why isn't everyone adopting it?

The LUXOR trading system, as presented in Trading Systems by Tomasini and Jaekle, is a very simple MA crossover trading rule optimized under a trading time frame and SL rule that produced extravagant trading statistics (Sharpe,Max DD, Ulcer, Kelly) over 6 years 2002-2008 on GBPUSD, seemed to be quite robust (invariant to time scaling and translation, with very few degrees of freedom), and very general (could work on any FOREX pair, even in bond and futures markets). So then why doesn't everyone adopt this simple MA crossover rule? Granted, I have not tested or implemented this trading rule myself, but perhaps the same results do not hold during 2008-2014 period? Has anyone tested it in any framework on the latter 6 years for any currency pair? If the same robust and profitable trading performance was achieved during the last 6 years as in 2002-2008, it seems it would be a no-brainer to adopt. The equity curves were basically monotonically increasing. Am I missing something?
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Trading lore: cross instance and cadiro

Hello everybody. I am quite concerned about the fact that everything in this game has at least some story background and is a logical part of the game lore wise. All except trading. So my suggestion is to make cadiro a central part of the trading system.
For example we could spawn cadiro to do cross instance trading. Something like hitting a button or using a scroll to spawn cadiro then we'll ask him with to bring the $$ to the seller and give us the item we bought. All through his awesome golden portal.
There's also something else that I wanted to talk to you guys about. I think this game has an awesome trading system with several different currencies and for me it is a no brainer to implement something like a forex market for excanging currencies.
TlD: cadiro should be responsible for trading in the game.
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Forex Trading System - Best Selling Forex Trading System Forex Strategy Trading System - YouTube Best Forex Trading System: Key to Cracking the Code By Adjusting the Frequency How To 92% Success Rate With “No-Brainer” Swing Trading Patterns ... No Brainer Trend Trading POGO Strategy w/ Göran Carlfors - Forex Trading Interview  47 mins

My idea of the koala system came when i was searching for no brainer ways to "trade" forex. I came across a 3 MA system and work constantly to tweak it. 2) The System i call it the koala system because i like koalas. Secondly, i wish i can laze around like them. Forex is my hope 3 Moving Average Indicators on EURO/USD M30 Period of 3 , 6 , 9 Smoothed and apply to Median Price Make them bold ... 70# Simple H1 Forex System; 71# Dynamic FX Gains System; 72# Stochastic Forex Strategy; 73# Momentum Trend; 74# RSI, SMA and ATR; 75# Awesome, Stochastic and ADX; 76# RSI Flat; 77# Stochastic with fast Ema's; 78# Nobrainer Forex Strategy; 79# Starc Bands; 80# Starc Bands with Bollinger Bands; 81# Envelope Trading ; 82# William's%R and Real MACD; 83#Awesome and MACD; 84# Elder Impulse System ... No Brainer Forex Trading System And Template. Posted by webmaster June 1, 2020 June 1, 2020. Hier finden Sie im Abschnitt “Weitere Forex Indikatoren”, die etwa enthält finden 9. 2011. – Free Forex Intraday-Handel-Anzeige – die Macht der 3 Anzeigen in 1 “Strength Besuch Blog goodbrokerexness blogspot / Xbars MA Scalper xbarsmascalper. blogspot. Khalid Waleed So leiten Sie einen ... What is the no brainer trades method means: 1-Get a monthly chart, and trace a S/R line at L/H and pivot. 2-Do the same over W, 4H, 1H chart. 3-Look at 15 min chart for price action/pattern and be aware about 00-50 number and 50/61/76%fibs retracment of last swing. Your Fix!!!!-----Look what price will do at those S/R pivot. System – No Brainer Forex Trading Template admin 0 Comments “No Brainer Forex Trading Template” Dr. Zain Agha . Template with 5 Custom Indicators. This Template is ideal for those who don’t want to fall into ‘analysis paralysis’ and ideal for both beginners and experienced traders alike It can be used with all Major Pairs and all time frames!!! All you need to do is follow the ... 50# Black King System; 51# Forex Mutant Advanced; 52# Spectrum; 53 # White Trend; 54# Lang Strategy; 55# Bollinger Bands Exit System ; 56# The Snake Method; 57# FXOvereasy System; 58# TMA Bands MTF; 59# American Day Line; 60# Gundurowo; 61# BD; 62# Ansatsu Trend Follower System; 63# Awadis; 64# Supernova; 65# Oracle; 66# Trend Hunter; 67# FX Chaos; 68# No Brainer; 69# Maraurder; 70# Magic; 71 ... System 8211 Keine Brainer Forex Trading Vorlage 8220No Brainer Forex Trading Template8221 Vorlage mit 5 benutzerdefinierten Indikatoren. Die...

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Forex Trading System - Best Selling Forex Trading System

Guide Channel and provide the tools and trade forex systems, binary option. Keeping the channels of the financial news and gather the knowledge related to financial investors have good knowledge ... Trading in its purest form is a no-brainer strategy once you drop the need for all the mind-blogging complex stuff that serves no purpose. In this video, you can see the best forex trading ... Would you like to see some of Master Trader’s top trading patterns which set up recently allowing us to reap huge gains in our three trading and investing ad... To hear the full interview, visit: no brainer forex trading system and template omni forex trading system review forex options trading system forex binary options trading system quantum forex trading system forex trading system ... This is the Most No-Brainer of All Forex Trading Strategies, the "Trend Scalp" courtesy of yours truly, Julian Wong, The Professional Bum. MOST No-Brainer Forex Trading Strategy, Howto Do The ... Skip navigation Sign in. Search